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Your Tuscan Fanucci Paternal Y-DNA Haplogroup is
J1 (J-M257)

Haplogroups can help to inform us where our DNA came from, about 5,000 or 10,000 or 20,000 or more years ago. (See maps, below.)  They can also help to identify recent family lineage. They are one aspect of who we are and where we came from. 


If the birth name of your Father or your Mother is FANUCCI 

   — and is within any of these patrilineal bloodlines (up or down) you're probably J1.

1 Giuseppe FANUCCI b: ABT 1855 (near Pisa/Lucca in Tuscany, Italy)
    2 Cesare Valerio Romualdo FANUCCI b: 18 NOV 1873 d: 11 MAR 1946
        3 Joseph Vito FANUCCI b: 22 FEB 1895 d: 4 JUN 1992
            4 Harvey Emil FANUCCI b: 13 JAN 1918 d: 1 NOV 2014

    2 Tito Giacomo FANUCCI b: 11 JUN 1881 d: 10 JUN 1951
        3 Alvaro FANUCCI b: 16 FEB 1907 d: 26 AUG 1977
        3 Scipione FANUCCI b: 22 MAY 1908 d: ABT 1938
        3 George D FANUCCI b: 23 OCT 1912 d: 17 JUN 1994

    2 Carlo (Giuseppe) FANUCCI b: 22 AUG 1890 d: 29 OCT 1966
        3 Joseph C FANUCCI b: 1 DEC 1911 d: 23 JUL 1972
        3 Aldo G FANUCCI b: 7 OCT 1919 d: 7 OCT 2003
        3 Harry Henry FANUCCI b: 16 AUG 1923 d: 25 JUN 1994

... and here is a link to our currently known,
                    related FANUCCI (birth-named) ancestors and descendants ...






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A small but important part of your cellular DNA comes ONLY from your mother — mitochondial DNA — mtDNA.
Fathers pass Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) only to their sons.

The other 99% of your DNA comes randomly, 50/50, from each parent's DNA.

Y-DNA and mtDNA ++

mtDNA and Y-DNA have genetic markers, SNPs, like ancient signatures, called Haplogroups.


J1 (J-M267)




Y-DNA (Y-chromosome DNA) 

haplogroup markers 

are inherited from Father to Son 


To explore our known Fanucci Family Tree, please visit 


Paternal (Y-DNA) is inherited from Father to Son.

Our patrilineal haplogroup is J1 (J-M257) from DNA markers (SNPs from 23andMe data) on the Y-chromosome. These are inherited only by sons from their fathers, so they can be inferred for great-grandfathers, and even for sisters, daughters, aunts, or nieces, on the family tree. These can change, in small ways, very slowly (5,000 to 10,000 years or more.) Currently there are a few hundred known haplogroups.

There was a lot of study going on over the past decade or two, new studies arising, and interpretations can still continue changing with new data, and the progress of science and technology. Disputes or questions arise, further evidence is uncovered, and better conclusions become possible... May the best paradigm win! Eventually the picture gets clearer and clearer. 

Current thinking is the J1 (J-M257) haplogroup originated about 10,000 to 20,000 years ago — probably among the Neolithic herders who were the first humans to domesticate sheep and goats —then migrated from the Levantine into the Caucasus, and across Europe, also into the Middle East and North Africa... J1 may have come into Italy via the Phoenicians, or Etruscans, or Greeks? A few villages in Tuscany have 5% or more J1, but the average is about 2% or less.

Today, the highest frequency of J1 is found on the slopes of the Caucasus. Also high frequencies may be found in some parts of the Middle East, and among the Bedouins in Africa. All these are modern descendants of those same Neolithic goat herders who lived about 15,000 years ago. 

(Balanovsky 2011 and other sources)


 World Map of Y-DNA Haplogroups
World Map of Y-DNA Haplogroups
"World Map of Y-DNA Haplogroups" by Chakazul - Own work based on:Numerous academic publications on the current distribution, origin and migration of each haplogroupen:Y-chromosome haplogroups by populations Eupedia Haplogroup maps by Maulucioni (World, C3, E, F, G, H, I, J, R, Q, N, O, M, S); Robertius (Europe). Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Y-DNA Haplogroups in Italy
Y-DNA Haplogroups in Italy (Eupedia)

Here is a map of the present-day population frequencies of the J1 (J-M267) Y-DNA haplogroup.


A map of J1 aka J-M267  (Y-DNA haplogroups,, 2013)




FANUCCI family names found in ITALY phone books (as of 2014)

Note the three clusters, one in Tuscan farmlands west of Florence,
one in the mountains of Umbria, to the north of Rome,
and one in Rome, the capital city.

It seems the Western (Tuscany) Fanucci clan went to the West coast of the USA in the early 1900s,
while the Eastern (Umbria) Fanucci clan went to the East coast of the USA. 

Each of these two major groups have a history going back to the 1300s.

  Read about The Tuscan Fanucci history.  


See also: mtDNA (matrilineal) HERE.


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