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::   Purposes for this Website?   ::

1. Seeing family tree relationships, deep history, and ancient DNA.


2. Sharing some old family photos, and some family stories:

  • Early Colonial Americans, Revolutionary War, Civil War,

     1900s Immigrants; 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s,  ... 


3. Exploring and explaining DNA – some amazing science, technology, and information is becoming available now—Van Epps has some Native American DNA, seven or eight generations back? — There are dozens of unknown or lost 3rd, 4th, 5th cousins to be found, they may help fill in some gaps in the family tree. Discovered a 2nd and a 3rd cousin on the Fanucci line using 23andMe.


4. Eventually, PRIVATELY SHARING any stuff we want to share, LOGIN required.

  • Some kind of mailing list or contact list. To be securely shared, not for Google to find. Maybe links to facebook so you can contact others. Help for those who want to organize cousins parties? (See photo, below.)

  • Family tree detail data not for public display.

  • DNA data for sharing but not for public display.

  • What else?


5. Sharing some stuff publicly (there are over 450 in the family tree – so far) and some stuff securely (golden padlocks, login required.)


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Story #1 :: Van Epps, an Early Colonial American Family, 1660.

Collecting some family stories about past generations, such as the Van Epps early American settlers, and the Schenectady massacre in 1690 when out of 12 sons, nine Van Epps sons were killed in an Indian raid early one very cold and snowy morning. — There was no mention of daughters, but 12 sons? Wow! — The sons that were NOT killed happened to be out on a hunting trip during that raid which killed most of the Schenectady settlers on February 8th, 1690.

IF you are related to any Van Epps, it's a miracle that we are alive now, as our ancestors made it through that incredible survival bottleneck in 1690. Our ancestor, Jan Baptist Van Eps was taken prisoner and escaped, three years later. Amazing!

You can Google it, Schenectady Massacre, or CLICK that link. Our great grandfather, George H VanEpps, wrote a seven page manuscript for my mom when she was about seven years old. That was passed down to me, and (after I scan it in) it will go onto this website. The manuscript has the family tree for the VanEpps line, which is what started me out with all the stuff back when I was about 12 years old. It's also got his hand written and oral tradition memories of Schenectady massacre passed down generation to generation.

I went into Wikipedia (in about 2006) to find info about that historic event described in the manuscript handwritten for my mom by G H Van Epps in about 1930. There was NOTHING to be found in Wikipedia. But, I could find some other websites, and some books (out-of-print) that confirmed the Schenectady Massacre stories, so I created this article on Wikipedia for myself. It was about half a page when I was done. Withn a few weeks, others edited, added, and expounded on that Wikipedia article, including a librarian from Schenectady. Now, it's about four pages.

To read more about Van Epps (VanEpps, Van Eps) — Early American settlers — history and genealogy, click HERE.

Did you know? There is a Van Epps extended family reunion held in Schenectady each year.


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 Fanucci Cousins Party -- 2007 and 1997 -- California 

Fanucci Cousins Parties  ≡≡≡  2007: Santa Rosa, California  ≡≡≡  1997: Los Altos, California

There was an old Fanucci saying, "The only time we get together is for weddings and funerals."
So, Judy Fanucci-Reid organized a party in 1997; and Camille Fanucci organized a party in 2007.  
Next one, in 2017?